Gilbert Inglefield Academy



Our school library is a friendly place, managed by Mrs White and assisted by pupil librarians. We hope our pupils will enjoy reading the wide range of books, catching up on homework and sharing quiet time with their friends. There are a variety of fiction and non-fiction books to borrow, and an ‘audio corner’ to listen to popular CD stories using headphones. Computers are available for pupils use for homework tasks and research.

Fiction books are shelved in alphabetical order by the authors’ surname, and there are separate Quick Reads, Teen Reads, Short Stories and Manga sections.  Non-fiction books are shelved according to their subject index number (Dewey number). Shelves are labeled accordingly and there are subject index folders to which pupils can refer to find the appropriate number for the books they are looking for.

Opening Hours
Pupils can visit the library at break time 10:55am-11:10am and at lunchtime between 1:10pm and 1:55pm. Pupils will also visit the library during some lessons.

Stationery Shop
The schools Stationery Shop is open in the library selling essential equipment, for example, handwriting pens (30p), pencils (10p), rulers (15p).
Equipment price list

Book Fairs
The library regularly hosts book fairs where pupils are encouraged to buy from a wide range of new titles at very reasonable prices. The book fairs raise significant funds for the library which are used to replace old and worn books and ensure that our shelves are stocked with popular fiction, and curriculum-lead non-fiction.

Borrowing books from the Library
Books are loaned to pupils for up to two weeks, and recorded on the library management system, with the return date stamped in the front of the book. If pupils are enjoying their book and need longer that two weeks, they can renew their current book for a further two weeks. If the book becomes overdue, the pupil will be sent a reminder via their form tutor to return the book to the library. If after 3 reminders, they have still not returned the book, then a letter will be sent home to parents/carers asking for the book to be replaced.