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Head of Department: Miss S. Hook
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The Maths Department at Gilbert Inglefield Academy is staffed by a team of dedicated mathematicians whose aim is to give pupils life skills in the real-world, whilst fostering their inquiring mathematical minds. Our teaching allows pupils to explore ideas, giving them the ability to confidently apply and solve problems within maths lessons and across the curriculum. All pupils in maths are given opportunities to be suitably challenged, enabling them to make good progress, and apply acquired skills in a range of real life situations. More able pupils in Key Stage 3 attend Maths Masterclass sessions (organised by the two upper schools in the town), where they work collaboratively with pupils from other schools on problem solving activities. 

 In Key Stage 2 and some Key Stage 3 lessons, pupils are encouraged to use hands-on practical resources to aid conceptual understanding, making maths lessons not only challenging, but fun and enjoyable too! The ability to use these materials in diverse ways can promote greater opportunities for investigational and collaborative work: such activities encourage purposeful mathematical discussion and development of logic and reasoning.

 Parents are invited to participate in pupil learning experiences including: SATurday workshops, after school Wise Owl and Early Birds sessions for those that need an extra boost and watching Key Stage 3 Masterclass presentations.

We have also used  specialist maths tutors, such as Third Space Learning who have provided innovative 1:1 sessions for some Key Stage 2 pupils via the Third Space Learning online classroom; pupils share a whiteboard on their screens with their tutor and work through the questions together, speaking via a headset. 

Gilbert Inglefield has been one of the schools involved in the TSST pilot programme to "upskill" non-specialist teachers willing to teach Mathematics. 

Maths curriculum overview

 Learning Community 2 Calculation Policy 2017-2018

 PiXL TT app (pupils are given log in details for this app)