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Head of Department: Mrs. M. Saracino
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Music plays an integral part in the life of Gilbert Inglefield Academy.

Every child receives a music lesson once a week which involves learning to play a wide range of musical instruments such as steel pans, African drums, ukuleles, guitars, keyboards to name a few. We also learn about music from different cultures and times and pupils listen to music from some of the great classical composers.

Joining together to share music develops the whole child, and pupils sing and perform together on a regular basis. Singing assemblies in key stages and as a whole school community take place weekly where we learn a variety of songs from different religious, historical and moral perspectives as well as singing for the fun of it!

Pupils are able to extend their skills and enjoyment of music by taking part in one of the many musical clubs that are run throughout the school day and after school.

Pupils prepare and present musical performances throughout the year, such as a concert and Nativity production at Christmas, an Easter concert, and a summer term concert which showcases our talented solo performers.

The school recognises and embraces being part of the community and our pupils perform to the elderly in residential homes and invite guests in to listen and join in with our performances and celebrations.

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