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Religious Education

Head of Department: Mrs. R. Read
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Mrs. J. Hurst is covering Mrs. Read's maternity leave. Mrs. Hurst's email is

Why study RE?

Even if we think that we do not believe in any religion, and that it is nothing to do with us, nevertheless, it affects a great many aspects of our everyday lives, wherever we live. Religious belief has been with humanity since the very beginning. It is an attempt to explain those things for which we do not otherwise have an answer: why are we born, why do we suffer, what happens to us when we die? Religion can be considered the most important influence on the lives of everyone in the world.

RE is taught as a separate subject in KS2.
In KS3, RE and PSHEE are combined to form E4L (Education for Life)

Studying RE leads to:

  • An understanding of where people’s beliefs come from
  • An understanding of why people view the world differently
  • An examination of the fundamental questions of life
  • The weighing up of different beliefs, opinions, and experiences
  • The working out of our own views about how to live our lives
  • The ability to relate the beliefs, values, and experiences of others to our own experience of life


Year 5 RE curriculum overview

Year 6 RE curriculum overview

Year 7 E4L curriculum overview

Year 8 E4L curriculum overview

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