Gilbert Inglefield Academy

Year 7 Castles - Spring Term 2017

Year 7 have worked exceptionally hard this term and have been learning about life in England in the Middle Ages. As an extended homework project they have built some beautiful castles: their models have proved to be spectacular and I am extremely proud of their effort and building/ICT capabilities!

It has been an extremely difficult decision (as the standard was so very high!) but the chosen winners are:
Molly Reay (7TE), Erica Clarke (7TE), Kees Schoon (7CK), Chelsea Cobley (7DM) and Memphis Prince-Stennett (7GP). Additionally, in a new category, the best ICT entry was that of Charlie Whiting (7GP), Ben Reeves (7DM) and Jayden Hicklin (7TE).

Mrs. Timberlake

Head of Humanities