Gilbert Inglefield Academy

Year 5 Literacy in Art Project - November 2016

The Literacy in Art project is being rolled out to all year groups.  Pupils listen to a story as a whole class with the learning objective of "What did you hear?".

Pupils 'convert' their ideas into a piece of artwork contained in a box, creating projects using different media.  The aim is for each year group to produce a piece of work based on the book extracts and how pupils interpret what they heard.

Year 5 listened to a traditional fairy tale, "Hansel & Gretel". Year 5 pupils worked really hard on their projects, as can be seen in the gallery below. The winners in each form were:

5TR: Erin Tooman, Katie Burchfield, Izzy Evans
5FL: Charlie Bannister, Oliver Tyers, Ben Eggleton, Tom Carmody
5NH: Giorgia Boeretto, Romanie Catling, Oscar Watson, Tyler Krzywopulski
5DG: Katie Collins, Isaac Jardine, Finn Collins