Gilbert Inglefield Academy

Maths Theme Day - 28th March 2017

On 28th March the whole school took part in a maths theme day. Year 5 and 6 pupils enjoyed interactive maths challenges in the hall, led by tutors from World of Maths . Year 7 and 8 pupils tackled classroom based activities and  problem solving challenges on the field organised by a team from the army.

In the hall we did maths puzzles and we got to solve them. We worked in groups of four or five. We moved around stations filling in a worksheet we got given. We did this for two hours and the word switching was my favourite because we had to start with a word and move letters around so they became a different word to do with maths. The first one spelt “maths is fun” and the second one was “centre”. Another
activity was finding the  speed of a rolling ball from different heights. I enjoyed the activities in the hall and working as part of a team.

Sonny Mulhern 6Fa


On Tuesday 28th March we were lucky enough to have a theme day in which members of the army came to our school. The day was divided into 4 activities: designing helmets, rescue mission, planning a ski trip, and problem solving on the field which required teamwork and logical thinking.

The majority of students in Key Stage 3 enjoyed being outside on the fresh spring air. However we felt as though a  little extra time was needed. The classroom activities were challenging but realistic.

In our opinion the whole day was extremely entertaining and overall a really successful day.

Finley Bell Taylor 8Lh & Joshua Power 8Lh