Gilbert Inglefield Academy

Music Soloists' Evening

 On 27th June parents and friends were treated to an evening of musical entertainment with performances by pupils from all year groups. Winners from our recent GIA The Voice performed along with a wide range of instrumentalists.

The pupils' performances were amazing and we are very proud of their achievements. Thank you to Mrs. Saracino for organising the event.

The performers were: Maisie Reyland, Cole Carrington-Hall,   Daniel Ewers,   Charlotte Squires,  Izzy Evans,   Isabelle Stansfield,  Cian Hunt, Eloise Marsh,  Jeannie Bartlett,   Isobel White,  Layla Forsyth  Charlotte Seymour, Hamish Robertson,   Euan Latchford, Oliver Latchford, Jazmin Randall, Cerys Verrier and  Pip Starkey. 

 Here is a photo gallery of some of the performers: