Gilbert Inglefield Academy

Music Soloists' Evening

Our talented music pupils performed at a soloists’ concert on 28th June. The music ranged from Led Zeppelin to Bach and the pupils put on an amazing performance. They were: Charlotte Kelly (trombone), Isobel White (violin), Cole Carrington-Hall (drums), Daniel Ewers (piano), Charlotte Squires (piano), Euan Latchford (violin), Oliver Latchford (violin), Izzy Evans (cello), Shalom Shumbambiri (ukulele & voice), Ben Lucas (drums), Ellen Baxter (cello), Priya Chaulia (voice), Cerys Verrier (voice), Jazmin Randall (guitar), Amy Whiteside (guitar), Layla Forsyth (clarinet), Charlotte Seymour  (clarinet), Pip Starkey (clarinet), Jeannie Bartlett (ukulele), Sophie Jacques (piano), Maddie Halliwell (piano), Eve Cawood (voice), Taylor Kench (piano), Poppy Smith (piano) and Molly Whiting (violin). Taylor and Poppy also played a duet, with Poppy on piano and Taylor singing. Well done to all our performers and thank you to Mrs. Saracino for organising the evening.