Gilbert Inglefield Academy

Year 7 boys' football v Leighton Middle match report

Match report by George Keith

On 11th September Gilbert Inglefield Academy hosted a match against Leighton Middle School. 

Gilbert Inglefield kick off... after 15 minutes Leighton Middle score, the goal gets past the goalie and James  comes sliding in and the ball bobbles over him. Gilberts dominate possession but they can't get the ball in the back of the net...


Second half begins...and Leighton Middle kick off and they run down the wing with Gilberts fighting for the ball until Leighton win the ball and run into the box, they shoot and the goalie saves it, the ball comes back to the Leighton player, he shoots again and the goalie saves it again... the goalie's on fire's a corner for Gilberts, the goalie's on the half way line, Charlie crosses it in , the Leighton defender touches the ball with his hands...PENALTY! Tom takes the penalty, he stops half way, the goalie still hasn't dived, he shootS...GOALLLLL!!!!


Man of the Match: George (chosen by the team and the coach Mr. Lewis)

Coach comment: "An excellent first game of the season in the Year 7 boys' middle school football tournament. Well done - a great team performance."

Gilbert Inglefield Academy team: George (goalkeeper), Alfie , Tom  Jack B., Ben , James , Jack C.,  Charlie,  Tyler, Owen, Oliver, Ivan, Jack O., Josh & Dan.