Gilbert Inglefield Academy

Rewards and Sanctions


We want our pupils to know that their hard work and good behaviour at school has been noticed. When they do something well their teacher will reward them by speaking to them in class, writing comments on their work and giving high marks.

Outstanding effort or achievement is recognised through the school house point system. Each pupil belongs to one of the following houses:

Falcons (blue)                           Hawks  (red)

Kestrels (green)                       Eagles (yellow)

When a pupil tries very hard and when they  achieve success they are rewarded with house points. They will receive a certificate for every 100 house points they accumulate. They also receive a small reward. For an exceptional lesson or piece of work they may receive a Head of Department certificate for which they will also receive 10 house points.


For consistent hard work or an extra special piece of work there is immediate feedback via the Purple Postcard system. A pupil's  teacher fills in the postcard request which they take to the school reception office. The postcard to celebrate their achievement will be sent to them via their form register. They will then be invited to have squash and biscuits with the headteacher on the next available Friday. They will also be awarded 20 house points.


If a pupil's behaviour falls below the high standards we expect then there will be a consequence. If they cause low level disruption in a lesson then their teacher will remind them how they should behave. However, if they continue to disrupt the learning of others or misbehave around the school then they will receive a sanction. The sanction they receive will get increasingly serious if they still persist with disruptive behaviour, or they commit a more serious offence. They could receive an internal or fixed term exclusion from school if they continue with serious misbehaviour. Permanent exclusion from school will be used as a last resort.  

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