Gilbert Inglefield Academy

Staff List 2018-2019

Senior Leadership Team

Mr. S. Adams Head Teacher
Mrs. H. Castledine Deputy Head Teacher 
Mr. I. King-Mand Assistant Head Teacher & Head of Key Stage 3
Mrs. R. Lewin Assistant Head Teacher & Head of Key Stage 2
& Head of English
Mrs. T. Rathbone SENCo

Teaching Staff

Mrs. E. Burrell Teacher of Maths
Mr. S. Coleman Head of Year 7 & 7CO form tutor
Mrs. Z. Cromack Head of  Art & Technology & 8CK form tutor
Mrs. S. Dexter Assistant Head of Maths & 7DX form tutor
Mrs. S. Fuller UQT  & 8SF form tutor
Miss C. George Classroom teacher & 5CG form tutor
Miss N. Gonzalez Head of French & 6GZ form tutor
Mr. D. Grasby Class teacher & 5DG form tutor
Mr. N. Heritage Class teacher & 5NH form tutor
Miss E. Hewitt UQT & 6EH form tutor
Mrs. L. Holmes Class teacher & 8LH form tutor
Miss S. Hook Head of Maths & 6HK form tutor
Mrs. S. Jones Head of Year 5 & 5TR form tutor
Mrs. A. Lawson Class teacher & 6AL form tutor
Mr. M. Lewis Head of PE & 8ML form tutor
Mr. P. Martin Head of Computing & 8PM form tutor
Mrs. G. Melisi Assistant SENCo & UQT (Literacy)
Mr. G. Price Head of Science
Mrs. M. Ross Head of Year 6 & Deputy Safeguarding Officer
& 6RO form tutor
Mrs. M. Saracino Head of Music
Mrs. M. Timberlake Head of Humanities , Head of CPRE & 7TL form tutor

Education Support Staff

Miss K. Barber Cover Supervisor & Senior Midday Supervisor
Miss S. Bartoszek Learning Support Assistant
Mr. A. Corut Cover Supervisor
Mrs. K. Downing Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. T. Funge Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. J. Holliday Learning Support Assistant
Miss K. Hassall Teaching & Learning Apprentice
Mrs. K. Henshaw Learning Support Assistant
Miss R. Hill Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. S. Jordan Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. K. Payne Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. D. Richardson Learning Mentor
Miss M. Sanchez Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. N. Stacey Learning Support Assistant
Mrs. K. Webb Director of Pupil Well Being
& Safeguarding Officer
Mrs. C. Williams Head of Year 8 & Behaviour Coordinator &
Senior Midday Supervisor

Administrative & Technical Support

Mr. N. Allen Site Agent  & Midday Supervisor
Mrs. K. Bright Receptionist and Attendance & Admissions
Mrs. A. Burke Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Mr. D. Haynes ICT Network & Data Manager
Mr. A. King Assistant Site Agent
Ms. F. MacKrill Admin Assistant/Website
Mrs. K. Nash Reprographics
Mrs. J. Roberts Science Technician
Mr. G. Rutter Trainee Site Agent
Mrs. S. Sibley Office Manager & Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs. M. Smith Business Adviser
Mrs. L. Steele Finance Assistant
Mrs. R. White Library Assistant
Mr. I. Willis ICT Technician
Mrs. P. Woodgate Art/Technology Technician

Midday Supervisors

Mrs. T. Feeley Midday Supervisor
Mrs. S. Green Senior Midday Supervisor
Miss. S. Green Midday Supervisor
Mrs. J. Kaye Midday Supervisor
Mrs. K. Sawyer Midday Supervisor