Gilbert Inglefield Academy

Year 8 & Year 8 Pathways Curriculum

The Curriculum Map gives an overview of the programmes of study for the year.  In some subjects, notably Science, due to resourcing implications, different teachers may teach different schemes of work at varying times within the school year (not just in the term indicated), but will have completed the full programme of study by the end of the summer term.  



Choice of novel (Skellig/Face), Survival unit

Gothic Horror, Shakespeare set scenes (Romeo and Juliet)

Media unit, Young Apprentice, Upper school transition unit


Positive and negative square roots.  Represent sequences and mappings algebraically.  Construct linear functions.  Quadratic equations.  Investigations involving measures.  Volume and surface area.  Plan and carryout a statistical enquiry

Multiplying and simplifying brackets.  Standard column calculations, methods, construct linear functions.  Solve problems involving algebra.  Transformations and congruent shapes, constructions

Multiply and divide fractions.  Solve problems and investigate number and measures.  Ratio and proportion.  Write and justify proofs.


·         Food and digestion

·         Fitness and reproduction

·         Atoms and Elements

·         Compounds and mixtures

·         Energy and heat

·         Magnetism

·         Microbes

·         Ecological relationships

·         Metals

·         Rocks

·         Light

·         Sound


Computer software and hardware

Computer models

Textual programing


The Tudors’ Religious Rollercoaster

The Stuarts and the English Civil War

Black People of the Americas: the Slave Trade

Introduction to the British Empire


Food Miles

Cold Environments

Population Trends


Weather in the UK

Adventure Landscapes


God and the universe

War and conflict

Islam. Religion in Film.



Weekend/holidays –past tense

Clothes topic, 3 tenses ( present, future and past tense), arranging to go to a party

Talent and ambition. Using devoir, pouvoir, using imperatives and comparatives

Food and drink, ordering at the market, quantitites.

PSHEE & Citizenship 

 Body image, careers, money

Prejudice and Tolerance;  Drugs; Alcohol

 Personal safety, SRE


Half Term 1

Gymnastics, Basketball, Sportshall Athletics, Rugby, Netball, Table tennis

Half Term 2

Basketball, Sportshall Athletics, Badminton, Hockey, Gymnastics

Half Term 1

Dance, OAA, Hockey,


Trampolining, Tennis

Half Term 2

OAA, Cricket, Rounders,

Dance, Tennis,


Half Term 1



Samba and salsa

Indian music

Steel pans

African drumming

Keyboards and ICT

Blues and guitars




Natural forms, media exploration, composition and still life

Investigating heads in 2 and 3 dimensions, drawing, photography, papier mache, portraiture

Working to a set topic independent research, composition, recycling materials.


Pathways are run as option groups: one double lesson per week for half of the school year, enabling students to take two options during the academic year

Art & Textiles

The programme for Art and Textiles is for enthusiastic artists who would like to spend two amazing hours each week exploring and making textiles and art.

We will experiment with dyeing and colouring fabrics and we will learn to print images and patterns. We will make samples of lots of different Textile and Art techniques and choose the ones to use in the projects such as the cushion project and the recycled project.

We will link with Music and Drama to design and make masks for a Japanese themed story to be performed to Year 5.

The work will be different from class artwork, and it will require you to work with an open mind, lots of enthusiasm, and a willingness to try different ways of working.

Some of the work can be adapted to suit you and your interests, so that when we get our class together we will put together the programme to make sure everyone gets the most out of the time

Young Sports Leaders

Fitness testing, Fitness Training

Sports performance, sports evaluation

Individual sports, Rare sports

Young leaders’ induction training. Visit to lower schools. Help and support year 5 in lessons. Multi skills training, sports hall athletics training, Quick Sticks

Football and netball help with inter house, outdoor and adventure activities, Help and support lower schools including LLSSP competitions

Sports Days, Kwik Cricket, rounders, tennis, athletics, help and support lower schools


Visits to commercial kitchens such as Paris House and Tesco Farm to Fork.  Cooking medium level skills to suit preference of the students but over 2 lessons, possibly.

Visits from chefs, cake decorators.

Higher level cooking skills Two stage recipes- spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, cottage pie, chicken curry,

cheesecake,pasta bakes,fruit crumble,victoria sponge sandwich.


This course will include:

  • Learning in-depth knowledge about hardware and software
  • Practical knowledge installing apps, programs and preventing viruses
  • Programming in Scratch and Python
  • Creating games and apps for mobile devices

There will also be the chance to sharpen your digital literacy along the way.


Dance is a brand new option this year. You will be taught a range of choreographed routines across different genres and styles of music, from street dance, disco, musical theatre and contemporary dance. You will also get the opportunity to choreograph your own pieces to teach to the group. You will learn about the importance of warming up and cooling down.
Projects this year will include creating your own music video, and teaming up with the Drama option students to create a performance piece


The Drama option classes include games, activities and exercises to help students to become a more confident performer, speak loudly and clearly, work in groups, create short plays and interpret scripts. Students play lots of different characters, learn about mime, physical theatre, how to devise a play, and participate in whole class role-plays. How to perform in a mask and how to use music, props and costumes to give a Drama more meaning.

Product Design & Electronics

The Product Design and Electronics course is for budding designers and practical people! We will be making the ever popular speaker that can connect to any music playing device and this year I hope to experiment with different ‘casing’ materials such as cast concrete! We will also be looking at different design movements including the ‘Memphis design group’ and using them as our inspiration for clock designs – we will then be making working clocks from a variety of materials such as Acrylic, Plastazote and Foamex. Year 8 Product Design and Electronics pathways is also when you will be able to get your ‘Machine Licence’ : you will be taught to use the Electric Sanders, Hegna Saws, Pillar Drill and Vacuum Former. We will also be exploring CAD/CAM technology and learning the basics of 3D design on the computer.  We will be completing a ‘Lighting Design’ unit, teaming up with Art/Textiles for a Defence and Disguise project and also looking at a Graphics unit where you will have the opportunity to adapt and add aspects to suit you and your interests.  


Studying and performing music from the Baroque period.

Ensemble performance and composition.

Kabuki theatre music linking with Art and Drama pathways groups.

Song writing, performing and recording.

Associated board of the Royal School of music Theory work.