Gilbert Inglefield Academy

School Games Values

Spirit of the School Games

The ethos and spirit of our school games programme is to create a positive and rewarding experience for all, and to bring together sport, culture and education. Competition creates the ideal context in which to explore personal values and conduct.

Through it, we learn how to handle victory and defeat, how to put ourselves to the test and how to respect our opponents and work with our team mates to achieve success.

The following values are communicated to our pupils and championed through sport and competition.

     Keep going no matter what. Determination is about the journey you   go on to push yourself and achieve your dreams. Have the mental strength and self discipline to overcome obstacles, commit to your goals and keep working every day to become the very best you can be. Don’t hold back.
Be honest with others and yourself. Have the courage to do the right thing.
Be truthful and promote fairness in every situation. 
Give 100 per cent, put your heart and soul into whatever you are doing and never give up. Care about what you do and the people around you, and approach each opportunity enthusiastically and positively. 
You’ve got to believe to achieve. Have the self-belief and confidence to succeed and reach your personal best. 
Treat others politely and with understanding. Accept life’s ups and downs with grace. Respect every day, in everything you do and for everyone around you. 
Treat everyone equally, support each other and work together to have fun and achieve. Celebrate each other’s success. Be a good friend and a positive team player in school, sport and life