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Gilbert Inglefield

Key Stage 2 Chicks & Ducklings sponsored relay walk

We are delighted to say that in July chicken and duck eggs will arrive at school. They will be housed in two incubators, one in Eagle block and one in Hawk block. Watching the eggs hatch and seeing the chicks and ducklings grow is normally a Year 5 activity linked to the Animal Antics unit taught in the second half of the summer term. However, we are extending the activity to our Year 6 students this year because they missed out on this amazing opportunity last summer due to the Coronavirus lockdown.

Taking part in this activity is expensive and in normal times our students would hold fund raising activities such as cake sales and competitions. Due to social distancing measures that is not really possible this year and so instead, our Year 5 and Year 6 forms will be taking part in a sponsored relay walk.

The walk will take place on Thursday 27th May (moved to Friday 28th May if the weather is particularly bad on the Thursday) and will involve each class in turn walking round the school field once, and then “tagging” the next class whose students will then do their walk, and so on. The event will last throughout the school day and we anticipate that each class will do two walks. For comfort, Year 5 and 6 students may come to school that day in trainers but must otherwise wear full school uniform. If the weather is cold, they should make sure they bring a coat as well. All students who take part will be given a certificate.

Fundraising letter & sponsor form