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Gilbert Inglefield

Food Tech Challenge Photo Galleries

Here are photos sent in showing the cooking produced at home during lockdown by our pupils (and their parents!).
Miss Fuller set a different food tech challenge each week. 
This was a voluntary, extra-curricular activity, not a set piece of work.

Junior Bake Off
If any of our budding bakers are interested, the production company behind Junior Bake Off is looking for contestants. Closure date for applications is 28th March.

Week beginning 1st March

This is the last challenge before school returns from lockdown. The challenge is...fairy cakes! Miss fuller chose the following as her favourites this week:

  • Ffion Counsell 7GS
  • Evie-Mae Farr 8JD
  • Alexander Voo 8MT
  • Betsey Baldwin 5DG

Week beginning 22nd February

Miss Fuller's challenge this week was to make a dish using fresh fruit. Also included in this gallery is the pancake photo sent in by Summer McVitie from half term (the pancakes look delicious!) and the bread loaf made by Marty Purton - not part of the challenge, but the loaf looks fantastic!
Lots of lovely fruit dishes and smoothies were being made at home! Well done to all the students who sent in photos. Miss Fuller had her usual difficult choice in choosing her favourites, but has chosen:

  • Kayan Mitchell   5EH
  • Lucy Cook  5PH
  • Stefi Oprescu  5ZB
  • Charis Quartey  7SF

Week beginning 8th February - pizzas

Week beginning 1st February: cookies and biscuits

Week beginning 25th January: sandwiches

Week beginning 18th January: Something you are proud of