Gilbert Inglefield Academy

Gardening Club

For a while now Gilberts has had a Gardening Club. At Gardening Club we started by clearing some of the rubbish from the science garden. Next we relocated all three of the redcurrant bushes to a sunnier spot and began weeding. Our current project is constructing a path through the science garden using wood chippings. We hope later this month we can put together a green house.

 You can get involved by showing up on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:30pm in the science garden. The club is run by Mrs. Lawson who is the brains behind this project.

 Last of all a massive thanks to all the friends that helped us:
Allsorts Bought & Sold, Homebase, Mrs. Bright, Mr. Funge, Mrs. Russo and Mr. Rutter.

Written by Gardening Club Members