Gilbert Inglefield Academy

Junior Mathematical Challenge 

Well done to the Year 7 and Year 8 top set Maths students who took part in
the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust’s Junior Mathematical Challenge on 30th April.

The aim of the Challenges set by the Trust is to stimulate mathematical problem solving.

The Junior Challenge is the UK's most popular mathematics competition, with over 300,000
students taking part each year.

Our students all did brilliantly and the following students achieved bronze, silver and gold standard. Bronze was awarded to the top 40%, silver to the top 20% and gold to the top 7%. The top 8000 students progress to the Kangaroo Challenge round.


  • Ezekiel Omonua
  • Ayush Jinaraj
  • Millie  Hall
  • Maddison McTeer
  • Amy Debell
  • Jeannie Bartlett
  • Millie  Hazell
  • Francesca Forsyth
  • Holly Hammond
  • Olivia  Moore
  • Oscar  Watson
  • Ben Eggleton
  • Katie Collins
  • William McAndrew


  • Luca Brown
  • Isobel White
  • Eloise Marsh
  • Zoe Daniels
  • Jessica Lee
  • Layla Mok
  • Ethan Richmond
  • Elle Brimble
  • James Dempsey


  • Oscar Farmer
  • Steven Tidd
  • Daniel Warner

Congratulations to Daniel Warner who will take part in the Kangaroo Challenge on 11th June.