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Gilbert's Remote School 

We are committed to ensuring that our students  reach their full academic potential, despite these uncertain times.

We will continue to offer our students a supportive learning environment either in-person or remotely.

We have therefore  launched Gilbert’s Remote School in response to the evolving Covid-19 situation.

How it works

Through our Remote School students will be able to access online materials to support their learning and the delivery of the National Curriculum.

When we are notified that a child will be absent, but they are well enough to complete school work, they will be able to access a 48-hour revision pack via   Google Classroom.

In the meantime our  teachers will be setting work remotely  to reflect the work being covered in class.

This will be loaded on Google Classroom  and may link through to a number of digital platforms, including the following:

Our expectation is that students must complete the set work and submit it for feedback. The submission of work may be via Google Classroom,  the other digital platforms or email to the teacher.

What about SEND students?

For many children with Special Educational Needs an /or Disabilities, remote learning can be a challenge. Tasks will be adapted and personalised to support all children. However children with SEND may well also need support from adults or older siblings at home. This support may be needed to access the work online, to  explain it and to encourage the child to stay on task. Focus on the basics – 20 minutes a day reading Is ideal.

Please contact our SENDCo Mrs. Rathbone  or our Deputy SENDCo Mrs. Melisi if your child is struggling to access the work and we will do our best to support you.

The wellbeing of our students

If  your child is accessing Gilbert's Remote School, they will be missing the structure of a school day and social interaction with their peers.   If  you have any concerns about how they are coping, or would welcome some support, please contact our Director of Pupil Wellbeing Mrs. Webb on the Safeguarding mobile 07852 764887 or via email